DIGILE Business Forum: Agile and Lean Innovation Leadership needed!

”Need for speed – Leadership in the digital economy” was the main theme discussed during the DIGILE Business Forum on 30.09.2013 at Dipoli. Urban Mill is bridging thoughts and activities between two SHOKS, DIGILE and RYM, and took of course part to this interesting Forum.

There are no speed limits on the road to digital economy leadership. During the last few years it has become very clear that the digital economy (also called the Internet economy or the second economy) is the fastest growing sector of all developed economies, and also of several developing economies. Already in the leading countries the digital economy forms roughly 10 per cent of GDP. We are in the middle of a new industrial revolution that will radically shape all industries, and all domains of business – also leadership and management. Speed of new business development will be one of the key ingredients of the new leadership skill set.

DIGILE Business Forum 2013 focused on the challenges of business leadership in the digital economy. Through discussions initiated by expert presentations, you partipants got inspiration and information to better cope with the digital era of leadership. The event was targeted at all companies and business leaders in all industries.

This year a special focus was on the US. The US is one of the innovation leaders in the field of ICT, business and digital services. Finland-US cooperation in new digital business creation could create concrete success factors for both parties, not only in the US market but also in the third markets together with American partners.

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