HoT toi käyttäjät yhteiskehittämään Milliin

Viikonloppuna Millissä ahkeroitiin. HoT –tiimi järjesti kaksipäiväisen palvelumuotoilutyöpajan, jossa käyttäjät kehittivät palvelukonseptia mm. pahviprotoilun avulla kehittäjätiimin tuella:

”In the end of February we had two days full of cardboard and energetic people in our Urban Mill space. These were our bodystorming workshops, where our guests could build their own bike center out of cardboard elements according to their wishes, in groups of a about 5 people. With this method we wished to get fresh ideas and insight into what different types of users consider important in a space like the bike center.  We think this was important in understanding the users points of view before building our own center. These goals were met, since our guests were very rich in ideas and eager builders, but also represented very different types of cyclists, from Sunday bikers to lifestyle bikers. Different aspects were then emphasized.  Some people focused more on the social side of the center, thinking about what else could happen in the center except fixing bikes. Others then concentrated on how to have the functionality and technical issues well planned.  All in all, after these two fun days of workshopping, we are now ready to move on and start building our prototype bike center in the Urban Mill space!”


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