INVITATION: Materials for future designs 13.9.2017 @ Urban Mill

There is an increasing worldwide demand for high-performing materials and their application in sustainable solutions. Solving contemporary challenges is strongly linked to everyday life involving food, packaging, textiles and interiors. Bioeconomy and the industrial use of sustainable chemicals and materials will create growth and wealth and health for our planet.

During the Helsinki Design Week 2017, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is organising an open discussion event where we will address the big questions related to the future of materials and their use in the design of novel solutions. During the two-hour event, we will hear interesting keynotes and a series of pitches by the scientists who are developing the materials of the future and seek ideas to their potential use. We will also showcase several demos on the topic and the evening will be concluded with the award ceremony for the winners of The Making of Tomorrow design hackathon organised earlier during the Helsinki Design Week 2017.

Event Information
Name: Helsinki Design Week – Q&A on Materials of the future
Time: Wednesday 13.9.2017, 18:00–20:00
Venue: Urban Mill
Address: Betonimiehenkuja 3 E, Espoo

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Please note the seminar is free to attend but there are limitations to maximum number of participants.

See the program of the seminar:

Q&A on the Materials of the Future
September 13th, 2017

Welcoming words
Jussi Manninen, Executive Vice President, VTT

The engineering nerds: Cellulose – the new super material
Introduction to cellulose as a material and how to process it to high-value products, short pitches by VTT experts

A designer’s view: My cellulose dream design
Designer’s experience story, Hannakaisa Pekkala from Lahti University of Applied Sciences (LAMK)

Designeering the future: Combining design and sustainability
Key note – Professor and designer Juhani Salovaara

Fireside chat with leading design, industrial and material experts

Design the Cellulose Hackthon awards*
The winners of the Design the Cellulose Hackathon will be annonced

Closing words
Tiina Nakari-Setälä, Vice President of Research, VTT

Demonstrations and mingling
Table top design and material presentations
Cocktails and snacks


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