Biggest University-Business meeting in Finland – Helsinki, June 2-3, 2016

European Commission in collaboration with local organizers, including Haaga-Helia, is organizing an international conference in Helsinki on topic of university-business-cooperation. Thematic University-Business Forum -Breaking boundaries for future careers takes place on June 2-3. Event is free of charge. 

See programme and register here.

The entire world of work is changing as technologies transform businesses, organizations, and even entire industries. In the years to come, we will witness disruptive moves as new ways of doing and thinking gain ground. And with disruption, we are likely to experience something new, something different.

Universities and enterprises of varying size are at the crux of this transformation. The Thematic University-Business Forum brings together speakers from universities, companies and regions/cities who present innovative ways in which they collaborate and promote entrepreneurship and new ways of operating in the transforming world.

Keynote speakers at the event include Urban Mill pioneer Markku Markkula. Also Urban Mill member Business Arena Oy will be presenting their case.


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