Meet the Six City Strategy Mayors: Intelligent Community Development & Smart Market Creation, 4-6, May, 2015, Oulu

We got an invitation mail:

Welcome to Oulu Smart City Seminar!

30 years of cooperation – and the journey continues

The City of Oulu can be regarded as one of the forerunners of Smart Cities, having been driving the Smart City ideas already thirty years. The Oulu has the long tradition of co-operation between education and research institutes, companies, public sector as well as enthusiastic and innovative individuals. This means that instead of talking about the Public-Private-Partnership (PPP), the term used for it in Oulu is Public-Private-People-Partnership (PPPP).

The objective of the seminar is to promote Smart City development:

  • by inspiring ideas of keynote speakers
  • by sharing best practices and lessons learnt
  • by participating workshops on current opportunities and challenges
  • by netwokring and promoting cross-disciplinary discussions
  • by getting better Smart City initiatives

The overall goal is to inspire, engage and foster discussions leading to recommendations and concrete actions for Innovation Policy.

More info here!

Challenge us! Join the conversation! Welcome to Oulu!

Päivi Iskanius

Päivi Iskanius, Adjunct Professor
University of Oulu, Faculty of Technology
Tel. +358 50 350 5341


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