DIGILE Business Forum 11.9.2014 videos online!

Crowds Renewing Value Creation – Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding, Crowdworking, CrowdEVERYTHING, Thursday, 11 September 2014 – The Helsinki Music Centre

Presentation streams: http://new.livestream.com/ITstriimIT/Digile-BF-2014
Business Forum 2014 site: http://www.digile.fi/events/businessforum2014

”There are no limits when the crowds are being creative on the playground of Internet Economy. The connected life that we live means that the crowd is present in everything we do, and everything we do have an immediate impact that can be measured, analysed, explored and exploited in a massive scale. As we, the crowd, is wise, it means that crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, paid crowdworking are all phenomena where power and value is being re-divided.

And in order to get most out of the wisdom of the crowd, we are on the road to combine computation, cognition, communication and mind. DIGILE Business Forum 2014 focuses on the possibilities of crowdsourcing, crowdfunding and crowdworking – what we have learned so far – and invites all to paint the bright future of wise crowd in multiple contexts.

We come close to concepts like “architectures of contribution”, circular economy and shared economy; we need to design not only our work but our living differently.

Let’s learn from players coming abroad and from each other. We will be hearing companies like 10EQS, eYeka, Jolla, SkySQL, Rovio, Seeds.nl/ABN AMRO, WiSEED, meet 5 Finnish origin crowdsourcing&working and 5 crowdfunding players, and academic wisdom from Stanford, Tampere and Aalto Universities. Crowdfunding discussion inspires also regulators and lawyers, and we have invited both US and EU based top crowdfunding experts to envision the future of the industry. And one “hot” representative of shared economy will be confirmed soon.”


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