The team that loves people: PDP Children Hospital

If you were building a new apartment how would make sure your ideas and
needs are understood by the architect? The staff of the Helsinki Children’s Hospital were struggling with a very similar problem. They had a lot of thoughts on how the New Children’s Hospital should be like but they didn’t know how to communicate their ideas.
The team created a tool which aims to bridge the communication gap between the users and the architects. The tool enables the hospital staff to present their ideas through a physical modelling process. By working together, a better hospital experience is now within reach.
The project (project report here) aim was to create and co-test the modeling space/room, and report possible innovative ideas that come up while doing it. The ultimate aim was to find the best possible design for a (high-dependency) hospital room. In a way the goal was thus twofold: To create a physical testing space and to gather information and ideas. The team built a modeling space with HUS, Hospital District of Helsinki, to empower innovative planning and co-design for the New Children Hospital.
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Contact: Sasha +358 4587 87079



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