Post-graduate seminar on Energy Efficient and Safe Traffic Environments – Course Launch 19.-20.5.2014 at Urban Mill

Audience: Aalto University doctoral students. The seminar project is suitable also for masters students.

Venue: The course will launch in the Cave/Kitchen at the Urban Mill.

Course description: The multi-disciplinary project seeks to develop understandings on the various aspects that play a role in the planning, construction and use of energy efficient and safe traffic environments. The seminar project is related to the Aalto Energy Efficiency (AEF) programme and it gives an overview of the areas covered in the AEF Light Energy project. The course begins with an intensive seminar which will give an appropriate grounding in order to start the individual study work. The students will meet with their assigned supervisors during the study period. The project closes with the second seminar in September. For this seminar the students are expected to prepare a written seminar work, a 20 minute presentation of his/her study, which will be followed by discussion and feedback.


Time DAY 1 – 19.5.
09:00 Introduction, Liisa Halonen
09:05 Basics of Light and Lighting,EinoTetri
09:50 Mesopic vision,MarjukkaPuolakka
10:30 Living Labs theories and studies of Lighting Environments,Pentti Launonen, Salu Ylirisku
11:15 Group Discussions, moderator Salu Ylirisku
11:30 LUNCH
12:30 Discussions Review, moderator Salu Ylirisku
12:45 Photometry and energy efficiency of light sources,Maksim Shpak (30 min)
13:15 Road and traffic environment mapping,Petri Rönnholm, Henrik Haggren
14:15 Discussions
14:30 Coffee
14:45 Smart Traffic, Iisakki Kosonen
15:30 Group Discussions
15:45 Discussion Review
Time DAY 2 – 20.5.
09:00 Introduction
09:15 Mesopic photometry in outdoor lighting, Marjukka Puolakka
10:00 Road environment mapping using mobile laser scanning,Antero Kukko
10:30 Fundamentals lighting control & digitalisation,Peter van der Kolk, (KEYNOTE)
11:30 LUNCH
12:30 SMART LightingPeter van der Kolk, (KEYNOTE)
13:15 Group Discussions, moderator Salu Ylirisku
13:30 Discussions Review, moderator Salu Ylirisku
13:45 Evaluating experimental aspects,Sari Kujala
14:15 Life cycle analysis,Leena Tähkämö
14:45 Discussions, moderator Salu Ylirisku
15:00 Coffee
15:15 Instrumentation for mesopic measurements,Maksim Shpak
16:00 Group Discussions, moderator Salu Ylirisku
16:15 Discussions Review, moderator Salu Ylirisku


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