Oasis Way and the Post-Normal Era — How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You to Success

Ilkka Kakko’s new book is just published. ”Oasis Way and the Post-Normal Era — How Understanding Serendipity Will Lead You to Success examines” e.g. Urban Mill case:

”It’s interesting also to show some of the value creation process in an emergent
community. These are the working principles of Urban Mill, Otaniemi, Finland.
In a way they work as platform for the value creation, which again happens in
everyday life in the community. In this point they present the ideals and working
principles, and it’s going to be interesting to follow how they’ll transform in the
future — and will be crystallized as “real” values.

1. Doors open for all Urban pioneers (only one big theme)
2. Attract creative people, co-create meanings, make sense
3. Just start and try it! Build & Test Learn Cycle (with users)
4. Dialogue through boundary objects (physical, virtual, social)
5. Shared resources and practices, memory of the place!
6. YES, and… (instead of NO, but…)
7. Be connected, boost interactions, allow serendipity
8. Merge enthusiasm of youngsters to wisdom of seniors
9. Schools, businesses, and public bodies
10. Entrepreneurial action, effectual entrepreneurship
11. Glocal, multi-disciplinary, cross-industry activities
12. Return-on-Community (ROC) matters, space supports

As indicated above, the values and the ways that they are created may differ
a lot. The type of community (hobbyist, lead user, etc.) and the position in the life
cycle are the decisive factors. However, our experience has showed that the best
performing communities are also continuously adjusting the values. The emergent
community (like Urban Mill) has introduced values, which look more like the codes
of conduct. The underlying value generation is in Urban Mill under way and when
the community is growing rapidly, the flexible approach is needed to allow the
grassroots-level impact to be sensed.”

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