A vision of ”Enabling Cities” which is both ambitious and achievable!

A vision of ”Enabling Cities” which is both ambitious and achievable!

Three years and thousands of readers later, Enabling City is back with a new book.

Packed with inspiring prompts and provocations, this volume explores the relationship between public space and democracy, the links between the commons and resilience and, ultimately, the role that social innovation can and must play in order to safeguard and advance both.

With a total of 80 initiatives hailing from over 40 countries, Volume 2 celebrates the efforts of everyday communities as they respond to the challenges and opportunities of urbanization, and the issues influencing larger ecological, economic, and emancipatory trends worldwide.

Groundbreaking organizations like Shareable Magazine, the new economics foundation and MIT CoLab contribute 8 guest articles that complement the compelling stories of courage, vision and determination at the heart of this impressive book. A series of infographics guide a more critical engagement with popular practices like civic crowdfunding and smart city planning, while an original proposal for a School of Civic Creativity celebrates the type of collaborative skills required for participatory projects to thrive.

As creative thinking redefines everyday life in urban centres, the power of place-based creative problem-solving is spreading into the suburbs, small towns, and diverse settlements of the world.

This volume of Enabling City reminds of the power of our imagination, and invites us to make the most of it.


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