A Hack at Mill 8.-10.11.2013!

 Karin Künnapas wrote:

”Last weekend A Hack 2013 Helsinki took part at Urban Mill. Seven teams from Estonia and Finland were working with a number of mentors from various countries for three days to develop and get feedback on their ideas, extend their business knowledge and get advice and improve their pitch. The winner of the final pitching gets to introduce their idea at Shlush. We really enjoyed the open atmosphere and facilities that Urban Mill provided us with. It was the prefect location for our event and we are very grateful for the hospitality!”

The sad fact is that 90% of startups fail.  They e.g. fail because they lack the experience to survive in a tough economy, and they fail because they don’t get the money and help they need. A Hack helped seven teams during the weekend  8.-10.11.2013  to avoid those destinies.
Kuva: Thank you for the awesome three days!
Teams worked alongside experts to build a prototype or develop a product. The winners (not decided yet) get to pitch their idea to 2000 investors at this year’s SLUSH in Helsinki.
See here what was done during the weekend at Mill: https://www.facebook.com/aHackSlush2013?fref=ts


1. C4S is a swiss army knife against malware, phishing, spam etc. what gets through your other anti-spam tools.

2. Ecobook (http://ecobook.herokuapp.com) Connecst users with fact-based advice and proven goods and services to reduce their global warming potential.

3. EcoMeasureHealth. (no visuals yet) Smartphone application what explains the ingredients of food, detergents and cosmetics and measures the impact on the human health.

4. mTakso (www.mtakso.ee)

5. Performers. (no visuals)

6. Photofing (www.photofing.com)

7. Sosho (www.sosho.co) Marketplace for fashion to give insights of users to help stores to match clothes with people online to elevate their conversion rates.

8. Sweetgum. Interactive restaurant ordering system delivered through an iPhone application which uses Bluetooth 4 and iBeacon.

9. Toonika (www.toonika.com) Toonika gives you the resources, tools and sharing platform to grow and test your musical abilities. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive ear-training program or a music theory chapter – it’s all here with real-music illustrations and written in all the special languages that are inherent to music.


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