ISJ Call: “How-to integrate open innovation and ICT technologies in service design and delivery within a Smart City”.

Dear Colleagues,

I wonder if you would be interested in the below call for abstracts. Kindly also feel free to pass this invitation on to any colleagues, networks, organisations and companies (or other potential contributors) who might be interested. If any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Laurea University of Applied Science, European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL) jointly with the World Bank invite professionals your pragmatic experiences (case descriptions) in the ISJ -the Interdisciplinary Studies Journal. The ISJ number will focus on “how-to integrate open innovation and ICT technologies in service design and delivery within a Smart City”. Furthermore, the results of the ISJ Journal have the possibility to be published in a Handbook (developed jointly with the World Bank) for aspiring Smart Cities with a specific focus on policy-makers and other stakeholders wishing to improve public service delivery leveraging existing technologies and open innovation techniques. Consequently it will offer you and your organization the possibility to showcase your product/service/solution to a larger international audience.

See more information and specific guidelines in the attached Invitation for ISJ Call for Papers.

Important dates: Abstract    30.11.2013       
Full Text     17.01.2014                                                                                                    Publishing Date   31.03.2014    

Please submit the abstracts, drafts and full papers to isj(at)
For any further questions inquiries, please contact isj(at)

In addition in order to jump start the cooperation in regards relevant future funding opportunities (specifically the Horizon 2020), we would like to express also our interest in cooperating with you in above mentioned topics (service design, ehealth, smart cities etc).  For more about Laurea and few examples of what type of RDI activities we’ve had, please see below (after the signature).

Kind regards,

Tuija Hirvikoski
PhD (Industrial Management) | MSc (Public Administration) | MSc (Physical Education)

Director | Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Finland | GMS +358 400 940 804
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ENoLL council member | |Helsinki Smart City Showcase |


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