Learning Spaces as Accelerators of Innovation Ecosystem Development

A new article from Markku Markkula, Pia Lappalainen and Kari Mikkelä examines learning spaces as a broad concept, addressing them both as an abstraction and as venues and facilities supporting learning on individual, organisational and regional levels. Their two simultaneous perspectives are top-down (Europe 2020 strategy) and bottom-up (learning and innovativeness of individuals).

Download the article: Learning Spaces as Accelerators of Innovation Ecosystem Development

”As an abstract concept, learning space refers especially to the mental dimension of the space emerging when individual experts collaborate. It draws from the culture of modernising the Triple Helix collaboration coloring the learning environment, and the quality of interaction between the classroom and industry agents, either hindering or supporting better synergy between research, education and innovation, as well as different initiatives focusing on creativity and entrepreneurial discovery.”

”In order to boost competitiveness in a global economy, one of the key success factors is creating effective and inspiring regional innovation ecosystems. These need to be embedded both through involvement in global innovation grids and through creation and adoption of local mental, physical and virtual platforms, the innovation gardens and challenge platform as described in this article.

In the current economy and globalized surroundings, this means that education no longer focuses on memorization and passive reception; instead, it strives to promote entrepreneurial discovery and societal impact. To integrate theories into real life practices, this article also reviews Aalto University experiences within the Helsinki Region. Our cases focus on Aalto Innovation Garden experiments within the frame of a research programme Energizing Urban Ecosystems and a new innovation hotspot, the Urban Mill.”


You can read the entire issue of eLearning Papers 34 on ”Design for Learning Spaces and Innovative Classrooms” here http://www.openeducationeuropa.eu/en/paper/design-learning-spaces-and-innovative-classrooms.


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