Urban Mill Network: Kolme Innovation Lab Oy empowers your employees to innovate!

Aalto IDBM Cource spinoff company Kolme Innovation Lab Oy opened their co-working corner at Urban Mill in October 2013. Their team of young international professionals has already worked actively on the European innovation arena. The team offers now innovation services for the whole Urban Mill network.

Here is the beginning of the Kolme Innovation story:

”Every employee has the potential to contribute to innovation, not only designated R&D departments. Front-line employees have direct contact with customers and thus important market knowledge.

Kolme Innovation Lab translated the concept of employee-driven innovation towards Employee- Driven Innovation Labs. These labs unleash the innovative behaviour of employees by combining three elements: an innovative space, tools and methods and community building.

Kolme process[1]

Space – The innovative space is a co-creation platform (either physical or virtual) that brings an inspiring atmosphere and fosters the creative thinking of employees. The place allows to explore, iterate and develop ideas.

Tools & Methods – Tools and methods for innovation are meant to support the ideas coming from employees and to provide the possibility to visualize, prototype, discuss, and develop viable solutions.

Community – Community supports employees in their initiatives, develops their intrinsic motivation, passion and trust.

Kolme (“three” in Finnish) was born in 2012 from the collaboration of three young professionals: Adalgisa, Thomas and Nargis. We come from the fields of industrial design, engineering business and management, controlling and marketing. Not only from different backgrounds, we also come from three different countries: Brazil, Germany and Russia.

While studying all together International Design Business Management in Helsinki, we have been involved in a variety of projects. Together we went to Brazil to research on a cruise ship, won a prize in a worldwide Audi Design & Innovation competition, spent some time in China and finally decided to stay in Finland. Being in love with this country, we decided to establish our Company in Helsinki.

We have always been passionate about people and their creative potential. That’s why we decided to work with the core of the organization: its employees. We believe that everyone in the organization have the capability to develop great ideas. Everyone has potential to be creative and to be innovative. By combining diversity, design and hands-on experience, we provide new and fruitful ways to employees hearts and minds.

Despite the young age, Kolme Innovation Lab worked with Airbus on establishing a system for employee-driven innovation. Further, we are proud to be part of the Urban Mill network and are helping hands-on in community-building.”

More Information:

Thomas Abrell
Kolme Innovation Lab Oy
+358 44 3593203


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