The future learning centre at Aalto University will be created using service design methods

The Otaniemi library at Aalto University will be fully renovated to cater for the demands of a modern learning centre. The versatile library services will get further support from new services and spaces that will support different ways of studying and working. After the renovation, the library will offer a modern and dynamic space, supporting the Aalto University spirit of multidisciplinary learning, research and working methods – a new culture of doing and learning.

The library facilities in the new learning centre will form an integral part of the Aalto University work and service landscape. Studying and learning will be given the chance to step outside the lecture halls, supporting teamwork and unofficial meetings. The international nature of the university community challenges the library to offer spaces that are smart and open to interaction on a 24/7 basis. These spaces offer students and research groups the possibility to work without time zone restrictions.

Design Consultancy Kuudes Kerros has been chosen to lead the service design project, which will engage both staff and key target groups of the future learning centre: students, researchers, Aalto University staff and members of the business community. Different user groups will be used to brainstorm, test them and eventually finalize ideas that could function as new service models in the learning centre. The best ideas will be taken into practice. ”We have learned a lot from the hub experimentation at the Töölö and Otaniemi libraries,” says Eeva-Liisa Lehtonen, Chief Librarian of Aalto University. “We will use that knowledge as we plan a smooth and functional user experience for the learning centre together with Kuudes Kerros.”

”The new Aalto University learning centre is an incredibly interesting service design project and we are proud to be a part of it,” says Strategy Director Jari Danielsson from Design Consultancy Kuudes Kerros. ”I believe that the end result will be a user-friendly, cosy and inspiring environment, which is in line with the Aalto University strategy.”

The concept phase of the project is scheduled to finish by the end of 2013, after which the project will move forward to planning and execution phases. The new learning centre will open for users in 2016.

For more information:

Matti Raatikainen
Customer Services Manager, Aalto University Library
+358 50 373 2233

Eeva-Liisa Lehtonen
Chief Librarian, Aalto University Library
email: <>

Päivi Hietanen
Workplace Manager, Aalto University Library
+358 50 438 4557

Jari Danielsson
Strategy Director, Design Consultancy Kuudes Kerros
+358 40 730 9612


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