How to enhance the quality of urban life and services through ICT and built environment development?

Ilkka Kakko has wiritten  a case study of Urban Mill in his paper: ”The
Fundamentals of Third Generation Science Park Concept”. His paper was presented at WTA conference in South Korea in September 2013.

””Urban Mill is as well a co‐working space, an innovation community as a change orchestration tool. Urban Mill re-­defines the way, how people do joint innovation work, and aims tomake societal impact in global urban context. Urban Mill facilitates to re‐think how sustainable urban innovations are done, and how urban transformations are orchestrated. Thus, it channels access for its partners and stakeholders to a balanced mixture of appropriate urban innovation actors, thematic contents, collaboration methodologies and a joint development platform. The community shares one common challenge, which is how to enhance the quality of urban life and services through ICT and built environment development and how to orchestrate and energize urban ecosystems development.”


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