RYM SHOK’s Urban Mill ja FIMECC Factory people met and prepared collaboration!

Urban Mill and FIMECC Factory people met on Thu 23.5. in Tampere.

Dialogue concerning deeper cross-SHOK collaboration between these two pioneering co-working spaces was initiated. Both actors see that co-working space and event sharing is efficient way to enhance cross-SHOK collaboration.

Urban Mill promised to host an event for all shared infrastucture initiatives of the Finnish SHOK’s.

FIMECC Factory is a collaborative effort between Hermia Ltd, Tampere University of Technology and FIMECC – Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster.

FIMECC Factory: http://www.fimecc.com/content/fimecc-factory

Hermia Ltd: http://www.hermia.fi/in_english/

Tampere University of Technolog:  http://www.tut.fi/en/


”FIMECC Factory is a  tool in Tampere – like Urban Mill in Otaniemi – for research programs that brings people together to create results effectively.  FIMECC Factory is working space which is designated for FIMECC Program people to work together, located on TUT campus in Tampere.

In FIMECC Factory context working together is not restricted to meetings and seminars but longer lasting periods of group work and groups can work one day, one week or months together. The idea behind is that cooperation between people from different organizations can be improved when they sit and work in same space and learn from each other.”


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