Bring your business in the development of Smart Otaniemi

Smart Otaniemi aims to be one of the leading development environments for future bound smart and sustainable urban solutions.

Goal and vision

For companies, that means easily accessible world-class RDI facilities and co-operation that supports success. In autumn 2022, we will draw up a shared vision and a roadmap for further development of Smart Otaniemi environment.  

This is an amazing networking opportunity for your business and a great change to have an impact on the development of Smart Otaniemi.  

The development plan for Smart Otaniemi will be drafted in three workshops. The key themes of the development – green transition and digitality, fossil-free transport, carbon-neutral energy production and sustainable construction – are derived from Sustainable Espoo programme. In the workshops, we will define the vision and objectives for the key themes and determine the measures for building a development environment for smart and sustainable urban solutions. The partnership network consists of the City of Espoo’s decision-makers and development project officers, business representatives (transport, energy, construction) and representatives of education and research organisations.

Get involved and make a difference

There’s place for 50 participants – reserve your seat as soon as possible! (extrernal link) The participants that can join all three workshops will be favored. The registration ends on Friday 2 September 2022. A more detailed agenda and the participation link will be sent to registered attendees closer to the event. 

Workshop schedule and registration

The development plan for Smart Otaniemi will be created in three workshops during autumn 2022. The first workshop in September and the third one in December will be online. In October we will meet face-to-face in Otaniemi. All three workshops will be held in English.

Register by 2/9/2022:

The times, dates and tentative programmes of the Smart Otaniemi development environment’s planning workshops:

Workshop 1: Thursday 8 Sep at 13:00-16:00, online

Determining the development environment’s vision and objectives in terms of transport, energy production and sustainable construction.

Workshop 2: Wednesday 12 Oct at 9:00-15:30, f2f in Otaniemi

Defining the development environment’s theme-specific measures into a roadmap.

Workshop 3: Thursday 1 Dec at 13:00-16:00, online

Presentation, further steps and summary of the theme-specific roadmaps.

We welcome you to join us in creating a shared vision of Smart Otaniemi!


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