ARTS student project: your unwanted pens needed (3 places to drop them off in Otaniemi) today on Friday 4.10.2019

Announcement by Aalto University ARTS student team:

Hello Everyone!

Do you have some pen(s) you are not using anymore? If yes, please donate to us!
We are a group of ARTS students working on a project related to ‘Emotional connection between human and objects’ in Critical Design Practice (CDP Course 2019) and WE NEED THOSE PENS YOU DON’T WANT ANYMORE.

We are setting up donation boxes around campus. Please feel free to drop by and donate your unwanted pen(s) 😀 Any kind of pens are welcome! (New, old, ballpoint pen, ink pen, broken pen, etc.)

You will find paper beside donation boxes, please write a brief goodbye message to your pen!

Donation boxes locations 

  1. Väre information desk
  2. Harald Herlin Learning Centre information desk
  3. Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, information desk


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