Espoo welcomes you to 147th BisnesDates to discuss about Business Edtech!

What is the future of technology in education? You are welcome to 147. #BisnesDates to discuss about the impact of new digital technology on teaching and learning, as well as to network with other likeminded!

Time: Fri 2018-04-27 8:00 – 9:00

Place: Iso Omena Service Centre, the Stage, Piispansilta 11


  • Mervi Pänkäläinen, Founder, CEO at Mightifier
  • Antti Korhonen, Co-founder & CEO at XEdu
  • Chair of discussion Päivi Sutinen, Director, City as a Service Development, City of Espoo

Price: Free

Interactive Twitter wall: #bisnestreffit

Sign up here:

Organizers: The City of Espoo and Kurt Linderoos (Oy Personal EU United Brains Ltd)


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