Analytics Driven Agile Enterprise 7.4.2016 at Urban Mill

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Analytics Driven Agile Enterprise (1 d)

How to organize and manage the data / analytics organization for enterprise agility?

This course is in English. Shorty in Finnish:

  • Australialaisen Dr. Asif Gillin ja DI Janne J. Korhosen uusi valmennus yhdistää kaksi ajankohtaista teemaa: ketterän toimintatavan skaalaamisen koko organisaation laajuuteen (scaled agile / agile enterprise) sekä liiketoiminta-/data-analytiikkatoiminnon (business analytics / big data / data analytics) johtamisen ja organisoinnin. Tilaisuus on englanninkielinen.

Gone are the days of business-as-usual tranquility. Defensible strategic positions and widely diffused business practices no longer provide sustainable competitive advantage, but long-run superior performance stems from non-stop innovation of new value.

The competitive differentiator lies increasingly in dynamic capabilities to rapidly reconfigure the organization to changing circumstances on an ongoing basis. This calls for a deep understanding of both what is valuable to the present and future customers as well as what the organization is and will be capable of offering.

Real-time, quantitative, fact-based analysis of large pools of data – Big Data – enables the organization to sense and seize new opportunities for value innovation, creation, and appropriation in an agile way.

  • Hyper-competition, servitization, co-specialization, and micro-differentiation are forcing organizations to co-evolve, continually change, and even undergo periodic full system transformations to keep up with the incessant change in the competitive landscape.
  • The organization as a whole must be agile. While agile software development and management practices have proven the value of self-organization, close collaboration, rapid delivery of useful functionality, and adaptation to changing requirements at a team level, the potential to apply agile values and principles in the enterprise scale is yet relatively untapped.

Target Audience

Chief Digital Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Information Officer, (Chief) Data Scientist; Portfolio Manager, Program Manager, Project Managers, Development Managers, Researchers and anyone who has interest in data analytics and/or enterprise agile.

This training discusses the applicability of analytics driven approach to scaling agility.

In the first part of the training, we discuss the importance of data analytics to enterprise agility; introduce different ways of building and organizing the data/analytics function; identify requisite managerial and other roles in the data-driven organization; and suggest ways to assemble and manage analytics teams.

The second part of the training introduces how to apply analytics driven ADOMS approach from The Gill Framework® V3.0 to adapting, defining, operating, managing and supporting an integrated analytics and adaptive enterprise project management (AEPM) capability. The adapting part of the ADOMS approach includes analytics to scan, sense, interpret, analyse, decide and respond to internal and external changes.

Analytics provides the ability to get insights and intuitions (design thinking), which can be turned into actions or change initiatives (e.g. projects, programs, and portfolio). These initiatives can be delivered through defining, operating, managing and supporting an enterprise scale AEPM capability.


  • How to organize and manage the data/analytics organization for enterprise agility
  • Introduction to enterprise scale agile frameworks and practices
  • Practical understanding of scaling for enterprise agility
  • Enterprise scale agility challenges and tips

The instructorsAsif-Gill

Dr. Asif Q. Gill is an experienced author, coach, consultant, educator, researcher, speaker, trainer and thought leader with extensive experience in both agile and non-agile software development environments, displaying a deep appreciation of their different perspectives in a number of IT-enabled business process improvement and transformation industry projects of varying sizes. The focus of his work is to help teams and organizations to improve and transform their Human and IT capabilities by leveraging lean agile practices and emerging technologies.

Asif has a PhD in Agile (Software Engineering), MSc. Computing Science and Master of Business. He is the author of the Adaptive Cloud Enterprise Architecture and 60+ articles. Read more:

janne j korhonen

Janne J. Korhonen brings more than 17 years of experience in broad and business-critical IT projects as well as in business and organizational development. He has a strong background and experience in information systems, leadership, organization research and developmental psychology and thereby a unique perspective on the anatomy of enterprise: technical and business architecture, structures and governance models, as well as organizational behavior.

Janne has a MSc. Computer Science and BA Cognitive Science. He is currently doing his PhD dissertation in Aalto University on the CIO’s role in organizational change and transformation. He is a contributing author to several books and 40+ articles.


9.00 Registration and breakfast

9.30  Program starts

Agile Imperative

  • The Gill Framework® – ADOMS
  • Data deluge
  • Dynamic capabilities
  • Agility through analytics

Case for the CAO/CDO 

  • “C-change” in the C-suite: the CDO and the CAO
  • From application-centric to data-centric IT
  • Sources of data advantage
  • Requisite knowledge, skills, and abilities

10.45            Coffee break

Organization Design for Data/Analytics Capability 

  • Benefits of organization design
  • Analytics organizational structures
  • From community of practice to center of excellence
  • Contingency on strategy
  • Analytics services

The Analytics Team 

  • Common roles
  • Qualifications, skills, and qualities
  • The team approach
  • Assembling the team
  • Managing the team

12.30                   Lunch

Scaling Agile 

  • Scaling agile principles
  • Enterprise scale lean agile practices

Coffee Break

The ADOMS Approach 

  • ADOMS – An integrated adaptive enterprise project management capability
  • Establishing adaptive enterprise project management capability
  • Agility adoption and improvement (AAIM)

Scaling Agility via Adaptive Enterprise Architecture

  • Adaptive architectures

16.00                   The training ends

Course location:

Urban Mill, Betonimiehenkuja 3, Otaniemi Espoo,




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