Kim C Korn, Create Advantage Inc. (USA) and Urban Mill at EIT ICT Labs 24.4.2015: Human Centric Management – Regenerative Managing for a digitalizing world

The digitalizing world requires constant focus on creative destruction and exploration – in other words, enterprise regeneration. The newly created Regenerative Managing framework enables organizations to seize this opportunity. Kim C. Korn’s take on regenerative managing takes a very humane view:

”Management needs to adhere human values, something it traditionally doesn’t do. An enterprise is about people and activities (external and internal to the enterprise) working together. People and enterprise should have their abilities, intention and goals aligned. A meaningful purpose is the key for sense of direction.”

Create Advantage Inc. (USA) and Urban Mill (Finland) offered 21.4.2015 an experimental workshop for pioneering organizations interested in learning about becoming regenerative and self-sustaining themselves. We had a group of 20+ multi-talented pioneers co-creating the managing and workshop concept further with Kim.

Later on the week we visited some of our stakeholders and started managament development dialogue with them, including EIT ICT Labs Lunch Speech on Fri 24.4.

Next autumn we’ll open up outcomes of this week to a wider audience. Stay tuned!


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