The frontierCities Call is Open until 16.2.2015 – Webinar 6.2.2014 Feed & Presentations

”Thank you for having attended last week frontierCities Webinar.
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Call Focus
The Call will focus on Smart Mobility applications and solutions developed with FIWARE technologies that can bring real and demonstrated benefits to cities and their citizens. frontierCities will accept a wide range of innovative proposals related to the field of Smart Mobility. Below we list examples of focus areas for the Call:

 On-demand and dynamic public transportation services
 Promoting energy efficiency and environmental protection
 Effortless ticketing and billing systems
 Integrated multi-modal transportation solutions
 Security and safety for urban public transport
 Quick and efficient emergency response transportation support
 Dynamic resource allocation transportation systems
 Integration of Smart Mobility solutions with GIS Systems
 Systems for indoor and outdoor localisation and location aware services
 Integration of mobility services with personalized mobile social networks
 Enhancing tourism and visitor mobility

How to apply to the frontierCities Call

November 20th 2014 –frontierCities Call launch!
How do you apply? Well, it’s easy – the frontierCities Call application process is a user-friendly, biz-friendly 2-step process!

Call Document & Guidelines for Applicants – Please read carefully!

The frontierCities Call Document, Guidelines for Applicants and FAQ are enclosed below.
It is important that you read these carefully before submitting an application!

frontierCities Call Document

frontierCities FAQs

frontierCities Call Guidelines for Applicants

If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at our dedicated Call Helpdesk

Application Process – Step 1 (Open to all eligible applicants)

(Deadline: 16 February 2015)

A streamlined application process covering 5 core questions about your smart mobility idea:

1. The Problem

2. The Solution

3. The Technology

4. The Market

5. The People

Where to submit:

Submission Deadline: 16 February 2015

Application Process – Step 2 (for Successful Step 1 proposals)

Successful Step 1 proposals will be invited to submit a more detailed proposal for Step 1, which will:

1.Be no more than 15 pages in length

2. Include a detailed marketing and exploitation plan

3. Contain a deliverables schedule on business model, market uptake action plan, prototype and feasibility plan and testing phase

4. Contain a detailed budget

5. Make reference to the relevant experience and track record of the applicant

6. Include a summary biography of key project staff

7. Outline project timeline and milestones

If you have any technical or non-technical questions in relation to your proposal or you would like further advice on submitting your application, please contact us at our dedicated HELPDESK for Step 1 and Step 2

Information Session Material


frontierCities_Call Webinar


frontierCities_Informatie Sessie_Antwerp


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