Urban Mill at the 20th ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN

Urban Mill’s first priority is to enable serendipitous discoveries and collaborative learning experiences for our members, customers and peers acting on our innovation platform and in its related ecosystems. Meaningful social interaction and suitable digital means are the key enablers of our support processes for them.

So, where to find the state-of-the-art of digitally enabled sharing and learning?

Aiming to contribute to the fore-front development activities we participated once again ”The Largest Global e-learning Conference for the Corporate, Education and Public Service Sectors”:

The 20th edition of ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN (OEB)

OEB was a resounding success, attracting 2,332 participants from 100 countries and more than 300 international speakers presenting over three busy days of plenaries, parties, networking and workshops.  This excerpt of the OEB Newsletter will reval some of the dynamic discussions and debates that came out of this year’s event.

Big data, reclaiming personal learning, educational ecosystems, and predicting and preparing for future demands were just some of the topics that got people talking.

Analysis, criticisms and solutions: OEB 2014 keynote highlights

The plenary sessions from ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2014 gave us a glimpse into the future, questioned how we are changing learning to meet new demands, and gave a frank assessment of the education sector as it stands today.

Providing varied and upfront insights; see what industry experts had to say in our roundup of memorable keynote quotes.

Friday plenary: Talking the talk to inspire action

As panellist Nick van Dam from McKinsey & Company and the e-Learning for Kids Foundation stated in his introduction: “Today it’s all about collective wisdom.”

It was in this spirit that the interactive plenary session called upon the audience for questions and comments to fuel discussion around the theme: ‘Less Talk, More Action! Meeting Tomorrow’s Needs Today.’

New ideas in the spotlight

The rolling programme of interactive formats in OEB’s newest feature made sure that not just the speakers but the audience was part of the show.

Speaking after his presentation on re-humanising e-learning, David White from the University of the Arts reflected that “100+ people seemed surprisingly willing to enter a piece of shared theatre!”

The OEB Debate: ‘This house believes that data is corrupting education’

As big data dominated much of the discussion at OEB, anticipation was high for the light-hearted yet intellectually serious battle over the controversial motion: ‘This house believes that data is corrupting education’.

Why mobile learning is key to student recruitment and engagement

Despite the shift from desktop computers to embracing approaches such as BYOD, just having access to mobile technology does not solely make it successful.

Institutions still face the challenge of how to effectively use mobile to maximise student success and outcomes, and should carefully consider their goals when mapping out mobile strategies

Download the post-conference report and discover:

• OEB in numbers – the key facts and figures of the conference
• Programme highlights, summaries and outcomes
• What participants said – social media clippings
• Exhibition overview and exhibitor list



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