The Cloud of Urban Influencers: How People-to-People (digital) interaction and a bunch of Mayors’ on tour are empowering Cities

”Last but not least, cities, regardless of their size are working alone or joining new collaborative platforms of influence with their counterparts, linking the domestic agendas of governance with the universal challenges of massive urbanization, sustainability, economic growth and security, opening the door for the reinforcement of an international Urban Agenda and promoting the rise of new international urban-based ‘currencies’ as innovation, good reputation, livability, creativity and other valuable intangible assets.”

Pablo Sanchez Chillon

URBAN 360º, the blog edited by Pablo Sánchez Chillón, Urban Planning Lawyer, International Speaker, Strategy and Public Affairs Advisor and Urban Advocate. Pablo is Co-founder of Eolexcitylab and Sánchez Chillón, Urban Innovation Advocates, Consultants & Lawyers (Spain)

thedigitalembassyIn the first post of this Urban Diplomacy Series I have tried to focus on the content, extent and insights of the global performance of a true Urban Diplomacy by Cities, explaining how the mix of influence, reputation and collective efforts of mayors, advisors, private companies and individuals are contributing to the opening of an international Urban Agenda and a new framework for global governance, in which Cities and urban issues are performing a principal role.

By remarking the experience of some leading cities as Barcelona, Copenhagen or Medellin, their focus on internationalization and the use of storytelling techniques and transmedia languages to broaden their global reputation and influence…

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