SLUSH 2014: One of The Biggest Technical Productions in the Nordics!

17 000 square meters, 6 000 light fixtures, 3000 meters of truss, 35 000 meters of cable, 1 500 workers? Huge Digital Mobile Art Installation? No, that’s Slush 2014, co-created by Aalto Enterpreneurship Society at  Espoo Innovation Garden.

After four years at the old Nokia Cable Factory, Slush is moving to a new venue: The Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre. “The industrial and rebellious feel of the Cable Factory has been a crucial part of the identity of Slush. Ultimately, it was easy to conclude that this feeling will not be lost when switching to a new venue. This year, we can create an event that Scandinavia has never seen before”, says Miki Kuusi, the main organizer of Slush. In fact, Slush 2014 will be the biggest technical event production ever executed in Finland, leaving behind events such as the Eurovision Song Contest organized in Helsinki in 2007.


“Last year the venue was way too small and labyrinthine for Slush, so we actually had to build a whole new extended venue outside the building and ended up even adding a couple of boats to the backyard dock to make the event work better”, says Atte Hujanen, the Executive Producer of Slush. “The new venue gives us new opportunities to push the limits even further than what we were able to do back at the Cable Factory. It’s a conference centre, but after we’re done with it, it’s not like any conference centre you’ve ever been in.”


Read the whole story from the SLUSH blog!


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