Smart retro is about retrofitting the smart city into the existing urban life and environment. Besides improving the technical performance of buildings, a great need and potential lies in addressing sustainable lifestyles changes and revitalization of local retail and service economies. Smart retro is about the emerging market of smart urban services – energy efficiency, shared and mixed use spaces, mobility and car-pooling, retail and food solutions, delivery services and tenant engagement among others – that make cities both more livable and more sustainable.

Smart Retro is also a programme by Demos Helsinki and its dozen of great public and private partners in three Nordic countries. It offers an opportunity for you to develop your service in an intensive Nordic Innovation Camp in autumn 2014 and in real-life test-beds in Lahti and Stockholm in Spring 2015. You can also join as an active citizen to be an early bird first user of interesting new services. We also want your insight on planning the Smart Retro activities – tell us what would take your service forward or interest you as an citizen.

Come discuss more tonight 12 June at 18 o’clock! Putte’s Pizzeria, Kalevankatu 6.

– Smart food & How radically new services need to team up: Erkki Timmerbacka, father of
– Smart moves: Johanna Taskinen, Mobinet, a forerunner of mobility management
– Smart space: Ken Dooley, Sustainability Group manager at Granlund Ltd and researcher on sustainability as a competitive advantage at Aalto
– Apply to Smart Retro innovation camps and test beds: Outi Kuittinen, Demos Helsinki
– Open mic for start ups and other enthusiasts with relevant things to share

Smart Retro partners include Demos Helsinki, City of Lahti, Stockholmshem, Stockholm Business Region Development, City of Oslo Futurebuilt, YIT Corporation, Granlund ltd, Citycon, Aspelin Ramm, K-citymarket Paavola, Kesko, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, and Nordic Built.

Peloton Club is a peer incubator for developers of resource and energy smart services. It is run by Demos Helsinki and supported by The Ministry of Environment.

Outi Kuittinen
Head of co-creation, tutkija/researcher, Demos Helsinki
+358 50 326 55 82
Laivurinkatu 41, kulmahuoneisto
00150 Helsinki, Finland


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