Secure and Smart Cities Europe 2020 satellite workshop 16.6.2014 at 10th ITS European Congress

The satellite Workshop ”Secure and Safe Smart Cities EUROPE 2020” at the 10th ITS Congress ( addresses the complex issue of Societal Security of future Smart European cities and communities. It provides different stakeholders with the opportunity to present and to discuss how future Smart Cities will improve the security of European citizens and communities with intelligent ICT systems and innovative management methods and tools.

The Workshop agenda includes the presentation of Digital Services for Societal Security Demonstration Site that is planned to be established near Helsinki-Vantaa international airport jointly by the City of Vantaa , Laurea University of Applied Science, TIEMS Finland SIELA association and other partners. The site will be the Center for digital services demonstration, research, education, and the Living Lab for Societal Security.

The Workshop topic of Societal Security in the context of Smart Cities and Smart Environments includes several important domains such as:

  • public safety and emergency management systems and tools
  • smart border crossing at sea, land and air ports
  • eHealth and telemedicine
  • secure and safe intelligent traffic systems (ITS)
  • intelligent critical infrastructure monitoring and protections systems
  • intelligent environmental monitoring
  • intelligent eGovernment systems for Safety and Security
  • intelligent city planning and monitoring systems and tools
  • intelligent ICT systems, networks applications

The multidisciplinary Workshop promotes system of systems approach in societal security, system integration and cross sector interoperability.

The Workshop key notes session includes the presentations of leading experts visions on future Secure Smart Cities public services and applications, new technologies and concepts, Living Labs experiences, techno-societal research.

The Workshop invites representatives of city administrations and public organizations, Industry and SMEs, research and academia to participate and to discuss their interests, views and achievements at poster and panel sessions.

The workshop will host the meeting of European Alliance of Secure Smart Cities and Living Labs for Societal Security.

The workshop registration link and the agenda will be available at TIEMS web site at:

The practical information about the location of the workshop, transportation, accommodation and social events could be found on the 10th ITS Congress web site at

The Workshop international participants will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the Nordic White Nights in the one of most beautiful parts of Europe.

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