Digile Rolling up the Sleeves 23.4.2014

LIVE 23.4.2014 08:30 – 15:30

“Everything that can be digitized will be digitized”, said Paul Krugman already in 2008. Digital service economy and digital society is surrounding us. It’s time to roll our sleeves, and take our part of this growth market to Finland.

One of the means to speed up this development is FORGE Service Lab, which is a place for designing, developing, implementing and experimenting digital services. FORGE’s aim is to create new digital services in Finland, for domestic and international markets. FORGE Service Lab is open to everybody who is interested in developing digital services, businesses, educational institutions, business development teams, the public sector – all industries and government sectors are included. It’s a joint effort with DIGILE, CSC and Kainuun Etu, and the Ministry of Transport and Communications is taking part in the ramp-up funding of it.

Another way to accelerate the digitalisation of the society is the national data exchange layer, to which Finland is committed to. Implemented in close co-operation with Estonia, the layer is based on the concept and principles of the X-road solution. The X-Road data exchange layer is a technical and organisational environment that allows organising secure web-based data exchange between the information systems of the state.

Now it’s time join new kinds of ecosystems, as they enable new service architectures where public and private sector are working together i.e. companies, cities, start-ups, and municipalities can build up services which go over silos that are created by the limitations of analogical world and which provide true benefit for citizens.

Come to join the discussion and the making of digital service society. We need to speed up in order to guarantee that Finland will be in the forefront in the utilization of digital growth. The day is also for celebrating the opening of FORGE Service Lab.

The keynote of the day is given by Krista Kiuru, Minister of Communications (confirmed April 8), and other guest-speakers come from Suunto, Zalando (GER), JAMK, CSC-IT Center for Science, CGI, Codento, Cybernetica (EST), Kuntien Tiera, Umbrella, Haltu, Säästöpankkikeskus, Kainuun Etu and Ministry of Finance!

The link to the program is found on the right side of this page.

This seminar is free of charge. If you have registered but cannot attend, please inform us about your cancellation by April 16 latest by e-mail (info@digile.fi) – to avoid the no-show fee of 100 € + VAT.

Welcome and let’s wrap our sleeves!

Follow the live stream here: http://bit.ly/digitalgrowth


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