RYM Oy’s Renewed Research Strategy – Make Smarter Investment Decisions!

RYM Oy is reviewing its research strategy. Spaces that contribute to wellbeing in the workplace, smart use of resources for competitive advantage and a built environment that attracts investment are the new areas of emphasis of RYM’s Board of Directors. The objective is for companies within the industry to form collaborations focused on these spearhead areas in order to promote high-level, cross-disciplinary research.

“According to our estimates, these particular areas provide companies in this sector with the optimal circumstances for generating new international business opportunities through high-level research. That is, after all, the key objective of the SHOK concept,” emphasizes Ilari Aho, RYM OY’s Chairman of the Board.

Spaces contributing to wellbeing

The Land Use and Building Act requires us to construct safe and healthy buildings; but what if we were to raise the bar much higher than that? How do we create the kind of built environment that truly contributes to the wellbeing of its users? How can we create communal urban spaces? Stress and insomnia are becoming more prevalent in today’s societies; how can we create relaxing and reinvigorating spaces?

Learning is key to improving wellbeing. How can we construct and provide schools, homes and work environments that contribute to and inspire learning?

Smart use of resources for improved competitive advantage

How will construction and real estate companies embrace the mega trend of eco-friendliness that is becoming nearly as emphasized as energy issues with more driving factors being highlighted constantly? Are we correct in striving towards generating more for less?

How can the construction industry improve its competitiveness and productivity by engaging in smart use of intangible resources? What is our view on restricting the quantities and increasing the pricing of materials? How can we best utilize new material innovations developed elsewhere?

Built environment that attracts investment

The most optimal built environments offer smooth transportation, stable operating environment, as well as functional infrastructure and technical building services (electricity, water, heating, air-conditioning). How can we make our services even more attractive for the most innovative and productive companies to invest in Finland? How can the built environment contribute to the creation and success of startup companies and improve their attractiveness as investment targets?

The role of users is becoming more and more prominent in the marketplace. What types of transparent planning and decision-making models that elicit participation should we create in order to further engage users and consumers in the development of built environment?

Send us your suggestions on research topics that support your strategy!

In the context of the previously mentioned areas of emphasis, Ilari Aho is challenging companies to actively present research topics that support their own strategies.

What types of research ideas have you and your organization thought up? You can share your ideas on RYM OY’s website at http://www.rym.fi on the recently launched RYM Idea Wall, and even comment on ideas already expressed on the site! The site also serves as a great platform for finding business partners.

You can also contact RYM Oy’s Director of Research, Anssi Salonen, tel. 040 514 6181, anssi.salonen(at)rym.fi

Read more about the new areas of emphasis in RYM OY’s research strategy!


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