The indoor environment program yields impressive results

Research continues on a broad front, the quality of results continues to improve and their impact broadens, concluded the third quarterly seminar of the Indoor Environment Program at Urban Mill.

– A broad-based consortium structure allows utilizing the great cooperation potential, says Program Manager Lauri Paronen of BoostBrothers Oy. -Our intention is to conduct new thematic workshops on topics chosen by companies this fall as well as to organize ten business workshops to identify research needs and present results.

The quarterly seminar of the Indoor Environment research program
was held at the Urban Mill in Otaniemi

The four work packages of the research program have produced dozens of articles for journals and conferences and presented their results at international conferences as well as to an international delegation headed by the U.S. Ambassador.

Methods used to measure user experience are an important part of all work packages and have been considerably improved, especially by introducing different simulation and visualization solutions. The solutions measure and illustrate the effects of temperatures, lighting, and various particle concentrations, etc.

Progress has also been made in research on sustainable energy production and the special requirements of low-energy construction. Final reports on individual research projects will be published during the fall.

Project Manager Lauri Paronen presented the current situation of the program.

The accumulated costs of the work packages have stayed well within budget; public funding has accounted for 60 percent and the rest has come from private companies.

Future challenges will be getting research to progress rapidly enough to yield results of sufficient novelty value to allow their commercial exploitation. The project organization must be capable of constant development and learning, emphasized the summaries.

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