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International website on smart specialisation (RIS3) in Helsinki-Uusimaa Region was opened this week at

Website features case examples, collaboration calls and descriptions of local platforms. Its main audience are potential project partners, investors and companies interested in joint activities with the Finnish capital region.

Urban Mill is the coordinator in one of the RIS3 spearheads – ”Wellfare City”. As explained by the website:

  • ACTION: The cities in the Helsinki Smart region are innovation platforms. The services are developed collaboratively by a mix of parties in open networks together with the people.
  • GOAL: The everyday welfare city is liveable, well-functioning and sustainable. The welfare society model is being upgraded to a 3.0 level in the Helsinki Smart region.
  • INVITATION:  We welcome research institutes, other cities, companies, academia and other projects to come and develop together scalable services for their own needs and for the common good.



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