The State of the European Environment – How does Finland compare? Challenges and opportunities for Finland, Seminar 25.6.2015

You are all warmly welcome to the seminar on

The State of the European Environment – How does Finland compare? Challenges and opportunities for Finland

Thursday 25.6.2015 at 8.30-11.30, Ministry of the Environment, Aleksanterinkatu 7, Helsinki. Seminar room Pankkisali

The European environment — state and outlook 2015 (SOER 2015) provides a comprehensive assessment of the European environment’s state, trends and prospects. In many parts of Europe, the local environment is arguably in as good a state today as it has been since the start of industrialisation. Despite the environmental improvements of recent decades, the challenges that Europe faces today are considerable. How does Finland compare to other European countries? What are the challenges and opportunities for Finland? We tend to believe that Finland is among the leading countries of environmental management in Europe, but some of the indicators, as for example the share of recycled municipal waste, show otherwise. What should we do in order to improve by next SOER 2020, and to achieve the EU’s 2050 vision of living well within the limits of the planet?

Welcome to the seminar organized by the Ministry of the Environment, the Finnish Environment Institute, the Forum for Environmental Information and the Future Earth Finland where the Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA) Hans Bruyninckx  presents the European Environment State and Outlook 2015 -report and the Research Director of the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) Per Mickwitz reflects the findings of the report from the Finnish point of view, after which we expect to have comments from ministries, decision-makers, industry and civil society organisations  followed by a lively discussion.

The language of the seminar is English.

The seminar is free of charge and open for everyone, but registration is needed.
In order to ensure your place, please register via this form by Monday 15.6.
More information about the event you can find here.


8.30 Breakfast
9.00 Opening, Minister of the Environment (tbc)
9.15 The European Environment State and Outlook 2015
Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director, European Environment Agency (EEA)

10.15 Break

10.30 How does Finland compare? Challenges and opportunities for Finland
Per Mickwitz, Research Director, Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE)
10.45 Discussion


Johanna Kentala-Lehtonen
Koordinaattori / Coordinator
Ympäristötiedon foorumi / Forum for Environmental Information

+358 (0) 29 4158 128

Ympäristötiedon foorumi
HENVI PL 65 / Viikinkaari 2a
00014 Helsingin yliopisto


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