DIGILE is preparing new strategic research programs to be started in 2016.

A total of seven new program propositions were presented in DIGILE’s Foresight seminar, January 29th: Data Fusion, Innovation Automation, Evaluating and evolving R&D partnerships, BET: Beyond IOT, Humans and Machines co-create Services, Human-Centric View of Co-Creative Intelligence, and Brain Work and Technology.

The presentations can be found here: http://www.slideshare.net/tivit/presentations

All the program propositions are related to the topic “co-creative intelligence” which means combining the intelligence of computers, machines and people together. DIGILE wants to lead the Finnish research to this direction because of the huge potential of the topic.

The program propositions fall into two categories, industry driven and academia driven. DIGILE’s work has been focusing on the first category, but now, in addition to the industry driven research implemented mainly through Tekes SHOK program, DIGILE has created a new way of doing basic research together.

DIGILE will now continue to work on the propositions and use crowdsourcing to develop these ideas further. Approximately 1-4 propositions will proceed to the actual strategic research agenda writing (SRA) or strategic research and innovation agenda (SRIA) writing phase. These agendas describe what kind of research Finland should do under their themes. SRAs and SRIAs are then implemented by research programs in the next 4-6 years.

Now we need your feedback. Are we going to the right direction, are we emphasizing the right questions? It’s your time to contribute. These program propositions are only ideas and depending on the feedback, they are evolving. The propositions without sufficient interest will not continue in this round.

We are waiting for your comments until Feb 15, 2015. So, if you are interested, please send us email, the theme-specific addresses are below. Your email should contain the following information:

·         Name of the interested organization
·         Name of the contact person
·         Potential interesting research themes
·         Initial annual budget for participation
·         Willingness to participate in writing the SRIA / SRA

• Data Fusion SRIA
data-fusion-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:data-fusion-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi>

• Innovation Automation SRA
innovation-automation-sra-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:innovation-automation-sra-interested-partners@digile.fi>

• Evaluating and evolving R&D partnerships
r-and-d-partnerships-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:r-and-d-partnerships-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi>

• BET: Beyond IoT
beyond-iot-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:beyond-iot-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi>

• Humans and Machines co-create Services

service-co-creation-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:service-co-creation-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi>

• Human-Centric View of Co-Creative Intelligence
augmented-human-sra-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:augmented-human-sra-interested-partners@digile.fi>

• Brain Work and Technology
brain-work-and-technology-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi <mailto:brain-work-and-technology-sria-interested-partners@digile.fi>

The process continues as:
·         DIGILE will analyze the ideas and propositions between Feb 15 – Mar 19
·         Mar 19: DIGILE BoD will choose the most promising propositions to the next phase, SRA/SRIA writing; also the responsibles for each SRA/SRIA are chosen

·       Mar 20: DIGILE will give more information about the process

NB! Follow our homepage www.digile.fi for updates.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

On behalf of the DIGILE team,
Outi Vainionkulma-Immonen

Outi Vainionkulma-Immonen
Head of Communications
Digile Oy, Vaisalantie 6, 02130 Espoo
outi.vainionkulma@digile.fi <mailto:outi.vainionkulma@digile.fi>
+358 50 3397408

http://www.digile.fi <http://www.digile.fi>
http://www.activityblog.fi <http://www.activityblog.fi>


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