Three new RYM programs under preparation – it’s not too late to join in!

Picked from the RYM Newsletter – The 2014-12-19 edition:

Three new RYM programs under preparation – it’s not too late to join in!

The strategic research agenda of RYM Oy updated last year produced three themes for new research programs. They are related to user-oriented spaces, a new kind of service competition, and open city models.

The main themes of the strategic research agenda are

  • Well-being Enhancing Spaces
  • Resource Wisdom Improving Competitiveness
  • Investment Inducing Built Environment

The intention is to launch multi-disciplinary and business-oriented research programs in these areas with the aim of creating internationally significant centers of expertise around these themes. RYM’s Board of Directors has selected from among its members persons to lead the preparation teams pertaining to these themes.




The Chairman of the Resource Wisdom Improving Competitiveness theme is Jussi Aho, CEO at Fira Oy, and the Vice Chairman is Jan Elfving, Head of the Nordic Procurement Unit at Skanska Oy. The person in charge of the research is Professor Kalle Kähkönen of Tampere University of Technology.

The TO THE NEXT LEVEL  Program invites people to reform the building sector through business model innovation. That will give new growth potential and opportunities for internationalization. The goal is to launch by 2020 projects worth at least one billion euros at home and projects worth at least three billion euros globally. Read more about the TO THE NEXT LEVEL program!

For more information:

Jussi Aho, Fira Oy, Phone: +358 40 826 1146, jussi.aho[at]

Anssi Salonen, RYM Oy, Phone: +358 40 514 6181, anssi.salonen[at]


The Chairman of the Investment Inducing Built Environment theme is Director Pasi Rajala of Ramboll Finland Oy and the Vice Chairman Timo Nieminen, Vice President at SRV Group Plc. The person in charge of the research is Helka-Liisa Hentilä, Professor of Urban Planning at University of Oulu.

The Open City Model intended as the theme of the research program is a service platform created in connection with multi-billion investments in city centers, which will make Finland a leader in the utilization of BIM. Effective use of the city model allows increasing the efficiency of regulatory processes of the real estate and construction sector and improving the service level visible to clients. The city model creates an internationally scalable service platform for Finnish digital and service companies.

For more information:

Jukka Andersson, SITO Oy, Phone: +358 400 501703, jukka.andersson[at]

Anssi Salonen, RYM Oy, Phone: +358 40 514 6181, anssi.salonen[at]


The Chairman of the Well-being Enhancing Spaces theme is Development Architect Vesa Ijäs of the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) and the Vice Chairman is Juha Lemström, COO at Senate Properties. The person in charge of the research is Professor Kari Reijula of the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

The User-Oriented Space program outline invites people to utilize a novel user interface for properties, spaces and the services provided in them. The focus on the needs of the end user controls the value creation of the entire network of actors. Service experience from the real estate sector is used to cope with the major changes taking place in commerce, office work, elderly care and nursing, as well as in the school system. Openness and operating in real-time create new businesses based on the Internet Economy.

For more information:

Tuomas Laine, Granlund Oy, Phone: +358 50 568 6093, tuomas.laine[at]

Anssi Salonen, RYM Oy, Phone: +358 40 514 6181, anssi.salonen[at]


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