Watch the video: Welcome inside the Helsinki Central Library!


Production and creators: City of Helsinki, ALA Architects and VIZarch

Watch the video as it takes you inside the Central Library. You’ll see a new type of library designed by Ala Acrhitects. The layout is divided into 3 parts:
– 1st floor is the central service station for those on the go
– 2nd floor is the forge where skills and ideas come to life
– 3rd floor is the calm oasis for thought and contemplation

The first floor is an accessible and lively space where the entrance and service points meet. It includes the lobby, an exhibition area, a library zone specifically for families, an event spot, a café and restaurant, and a space just to hang around. This ground floor will be the most active environment in the library, where the confluence of the city and the library will flow together.

The second floor is for hands-on activities. It is a place for working, creating, interacting and learning-by-doing. Here you will find studios, gaming rooms, a makerspace, a kitchen, and areas for workshops, meetings, and other interactive exchanges. These areas will be functional, with the option to make divided or enclosed areas as needed. They will be ideal for working, organizing meetings, testing ideas, editing videos or creating objects with 3D printers.

The third floor is designed for the individual and one’s own thoughts. It is a tranquil area for relaxing and concentrating. Under the cloud-like ceiling one can study, escape from hectic routines, or just admire the view of the city. This area provides the ideal atmosphere for the beloved pastime of reading. The majority of the library’s collection resides here, in addition to quiet reading areas, the children’s world, and the patron’s balcony.

The project plan for the Helsinki Central Library is now complete

“The design of the Central Library has required a lot of work for a year now. I am pleased at how the project planning has progressed according to plan both in terms of contents and costs. A significant project, such as this one, also requires time for the decision-making process and we have allocated six months for the process. So, the construction could start in the autumn of 2015”, says Deputy Mayor Ritva Viljanen who is also the Chairperson of the Steering Group for the project.

“The Central Library together with the possibilities to learn, create and participate that it embodies challenge Parliament as an equal. When the users of the library stand on the library’s balcony that will cover an area of more than 1,000 m2, they will look directly at Parliament, since the balcony will be at the same height as the steps of Parliament House. The Central Library will become a stage for people to be free to do things. At the same time, it will make a powerful statement on behalf of all libraries”, says Viljanen.

For more information (in Finnish):

Helsingin kaupunginkirjasto



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