The Knowledge Triangle – Re-inventing the Future

The Knowledge Triangle – Re-inventing the Future,

a book from the European Society for Engineering Education SEFI, Aalto University and Universitat Politècnica de València. Edited by Pia Lappalainen, Aalto University and Markku Markkula, Aalto University.

According to the Europe 2020 strategy and the plans of Horizon 2020, one of the key success factors for Europe is to achieve more innovation out of research. The authors of Knowledge Triangle book have met several times in the recent years within international networking through SEFI European Society for Engineering Education (in particular in the context of the thematic network EUGENE) and IACEE International Association for Continuing Engineering Education. In a series of projects, workshops and conferences, all focusing on the triple play of research, education and innovation, they were able to share their common understandings and to develop and create advanced new concepts. This book brings together lessons learnt in an interesting compilation of articles, reflecting our consolidated knowledge together with some brand new insights.

”Our common view is that the future success of innovation ecosystems is based on continuous learning, or call it lifelong learning, measured increasingly in innovation actors’ abilities to connect and manage their talent, competences, partnerships, and practical innovation processes – in integrating the local and global knowledge base and grids.”

KT book 2013


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