Eight rules for building an effective team

”My hope is that these practices can be useful to those who build executive teams. I have seen, participated in and built a number of executive teams in my career and know firsthand the boost a company gets from having an effective executive team. I am very eager to hear comments and suggestions for improvements on this model. Please post them as responses below, or send them to mgm@iki.fi. Marten”

School of Herring

We learn most from those we work with. They make us the leaders we are. But what makes an effective team? Here is a list inspired by Peter Drucker’s eight practices for executives.

What makes an effective executive team

Great executive teams may be aggressive or conservative, intuitive or calculating, conflicted or harmonious. But every effective executive team follows eight practices:

  1. The team members ask each other ”How can I support you?”
  2. The team members hold each other accountable, while also allowing each one to show vulnerability.
  3. The team practices open and authentic communication.
  4. The team arrives at key decisions together through discussion, debate, and synthesis.
  5. The team has fun.
  6. The team members see success of the whole team as the best form of success.
  7. The team operates at a strategic level and empowers the organization around them to make and execute operational decisions.
  8. Each team member builds their own teams…

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