2nd Wave Open & Agile Smart Cities announced, dealine for signing 5. June 2015

The process is now open for cities who want to join the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) global initiative as part of the 2nd wave. Deadline for signing Letter of Intent is Friday June 5, 2015, with subsequent public launch in mid-June.

Following the successful 1st wave of Open & Agile Smart Cities, where 31 cities (including City of Espoo and other Finnish 6Aika cities)  from 7 countries in Europe and Brazil joined the effort to promote four simple mechanisms for smart city development, the OASC Task Force has held its first meeting and outlined the process for the 2nd wave.

In April and May, national networks of cities in new countries can meet and prepare themselves to join, and cities in countries with an existing OASC network can link up with the network in their country. Developers and consultants who wish to offer OASC-related services can explore this new market opportunity.

The OASC Task Force and the Connected Smart Cities Network and its partners will leverage a list of planned events to facilitate national and international meet-ups where current and prospective OASC stakeholders can share thoughts, concerns, results and practical experiences.

The first opportunity is the EUROCITIES KSF Spring Event April 14-16 in Eindhoven. Here, Katalin Gallyas from the City of Amsterdam, vice chair of the KSF working group on smart cities and vice chair of the Connected Smart Cities Network Board, will give a status on the Open & Agile Smart Cities at the opening of the 2nd wave.

Process details will be posted on this site next week, including a FAQ of frequent questions and answers.

See also: http://6aika.fi/open-agile-smart-cities-verkostosta-vauhtia-avoimen-datan-standardointiin/


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